BluffTitler Ultimate MegaPack Pre-Activated

BluffTitler Ultimate MegaPack

BluffTitler - editing software to create beautiful and unusual 3D text effects, animations, which can be used for video editing. The program supports a large number of different types of layers: a camera, light, text, picture, video, plasma, particle and audio, etc. The layers may be bonded to each other to create special effects.

· The result of your creativity can be viewed in real-time export to image, video or photo format.
· All created animation is composed of layers that can be modified independently.
· The program can be used in conjunction with packages like: Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX video deLuxe, Canopus Edius and Adobe Premiere.
· Animation program created in layers, whereby an association with the graphic rather than the video editor. In one project, you can use up to 64 layers, which is more than enough to create even very long and stuffed with caption effects.

Effects created in BluffTitler:
* explosive headlines
* reflecting headlines
* twisted headlines
* multizashtrihovanye headlines
* golden glowing titles
* headers with flying basics
* iridescent titles
* plasma backgrounds
* spooky illuminated headlines
* titles with silver spikes
* mixing headlines
* golden beveled titles
* dripping headlines
* JPG textured titles
* MPG textured titles
* mucous headlines
* hairy headlines
* Inverted headers
* recurring headlines
* powerfield emission headlines
* Background video, turning into donuts
* particle effects
* MP3 audio
* converting JPG image
* explosion video backgrounds
* fractal backgrounds

Whats New :
* Updated translations: French, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish
* Minor bugs fixed
* Introduction of the ULTIMATE edition
* New layer: Landscape layer
* New layer: Water layer
* New layer: Waving flag layer
* New layer: Hand layer
* New layer: Skybox layer
* New layer: Colourmap layer
* New layer: VR 360° layer
* New menu item: LAYER > Stand in landscape
* New menu item: LAYER > Float in water
* New menu item: LAYER > Attach layer > Attach cubemap to active layer
* Improved lighting model: the specular colour can now be set independently with the Specular colour property
* Attach a container layer to a container layer
* New picture layer style: Fulscreen in foreground
* New text and scroller tag:
* 2 new effects: Filters/Distortion and AdvancedMaterials/Lightened_NoDepthWrite
* New option in FILE > Show properties... dialog: pre-export simulation time
* MP4 profile dropdown in drivers tab of options dialog
* Improved: blob particles (metaballs)
* Improved: particle layer
* Improved: resolution cubemap layer in high quality mode increased from 512 to 1024 (necessary for 4K VR 360° export)
* Optimization: 3D math operations much faster
* Optimization: delay when first time opening file and about dialogs removed
* Bugfix: particles now always take over the position, size and rotation of of the parent layer, even when using the
* Flexibility property
* Bugfix: shadow artifacts fixed
* Bugfix: antialisaing issues transparent export fixed
* Bugfix: deleted shows are now correctly moved to the recycle bin
* Bugfix: options dialog now supports higher Windows font sizes
* Removed: sort layers on layer type option in options dialog
* Removed: favorites menu item

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