How To: Download any YouTube Video Thumbnail for free!

For a long time I have wanted an easy solution to download a video's thumbnail that I find appealing for various reasons and after a few Google searches I figured out how to do that. 

But the process was really cumbersome; copying the video URL, changing the video ID in a specific URL, loading that image and finally saving the image in a specific location. Even though this might sound like an easy thing to do, it really took a lot of time and killed the desire to download it. 

The main reason as to why I wanted the thumbnails is because some of the videos have really beautiful - *cough* chicks *cough* - photographs, really beautiful photographs that I wanted to set as my lockscreen wallpapers or desktop wallpapers. 

A solution was needed for an existing problem and this is where I come in!

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Me and my team, set out to create a simple, yet useful tool to download YouTube video thumbnails in any size easily. 

Therefore, we decided to create the "Video Thumbnail Downloader" app! 

We met more challenges in the process than we thought we would but in the end, (it doesn't even matter~~~) we ended up building a better app than we thought we are going to be. 

Through this app, you just have to go to the YouTube video and share it to the app and download! 

Step 1: Go to the below mentioned download link.
Step 2: Install the app to your Android device
Step 3: Download virtually unlimited thumbnails of your choice!