App of the week : Lock Pad

We are starting a new weekly segment on our blog in which we will feature apps that are not just on the top of the Play Store but those that provide a peculiar functionality which is not found in other mainstream apps. 
Today we are featuring an app that lets you keep your notes secure using 256-bit encryption(Military Grade protection!) and accessible across multiple devices. 

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Lock Pad is a utility that I think everybody who likes to keep notes, especially private ones, will find useful. 
It might appear like a simple app but behind the UI is a 256-bit AES encryption using SQL - Cipher that keeps your data 100% safe.

I am sure that you must have heard of WhatsApp, the messaging app, it uses Google Drive to store data and that is what Lock Pad does.  With Lock Pad, your data is not stored in a central server with thousands of other users but on your own Google Drive! There is no communication with any outside domain at all. 

If you have multiple Google accounts then all your notes from all other accounts are safe and separate. As soon as you switch your Google account on your mobile phone, the notes from your other account appear in Lock Pad. 

I am sure this all might sound very similar to Google Keep but here is where it is different. With Lock Pad you have to enter a PIN to access the notes that you saved previously and to make a Quick Note you can tap the "+" button on the PIN screen which will allow you to make a note and save it. That note will be then accessible by entering the PIN when you next open the app. 

You also have the option to Star the notes that you think are important or that come in frequent use. 

I, personally, found this app simple and secure and have been using it more than Google Keep. It is not heavy like Evernote and not jammed with features like drawing and handwriting like the other apps. It is a simple, text-only note app with some added protection for privacy. 

Download "Lock Pad" from Google Play