App of The Week : SoundWire

SoundWire is an app that lets you stream Audio over WiFi from your Laptop or Desktop to your Mobile Device. Listen to Songs from your Laptop or Desktop if you don't want to move all the files to your Mobile Device or are running short of space on your Mobile Device. However, it is not a perfect app and doesn't work as you might expect it to and I'll list it's Pros and Cons in the full post down below. Hit the "Read More" button to see a list of Features, Pros & Cons and the Download Link.

Features :

  • Live Audio Streaming.
  • Supports Full Stereo 44.1/48 kHz (Unlike some other apps in the Play Store).
  • PCM or Opus Compression.
  • Easy Configuration.
  • Reduced Network Usage using Compression (Only available in Paid version after 10 minutes).
  • Ability to Stream from PC to PC.
  • Runs on every Android Device.

  • Adjustable Buffer Size(Useful to Adjust to your Audio according to your needs).
  • Auto Reconnect.
  • Doesn't disconnect after a while on device sleep.
  • Adjustable Compression bit Rate
  • Full Stereo.

  • Not Suitable for watching High Quality Movies or Videos
  • High Latency on High Buffer Rate(As much as 4 - 5 seconds of Delayed Audio) 
  • Choppy Audio on High Network Usage.
  • Every Hour there is a Woman saying "SoundWire Free Version" for Free Version.(Obviously)
  • White Noise while Online Streaming. Reason, Unknown. 
While this might be a nifty tool to listen to Audio on your mobile phone while you're away from your Computer, it has it's limitations. While watching Movies there is a very noticeable delay on High Quality Audio Setting forcing you to switch to lower quality audio which might ruin the experience for people who are used to High Quality sound. 

Also, while watching videos online, I found that there is a certain white noise in my earphones while using this app whereas without it there wasn't any. However, if you have audio that is locally stored on your computer, this is not the case. 

You can use it for audio listening while being in the same room as your WiFi router without any loss and at High Quality because when only listening to audio you won't notice any delay since there is nothing to watch. Unless you have very high quality headphones or superhuman ears, you won't notice any difference in Audio Quality at the buffer size of 512Kbps. Although, you might notice a lesser volume, but that is a fair sacrifice for the quality that it offers.

With the Pro Version, you get PCM & Opus compression which, I found, upon using lets you listen to better quality audio without a delay. For me, the reason I bought Pro was because of that very irritating voice reminding you that you are using the Free Version. That is a real bummer, but they had to do something to make something out of it and being an App Developer myself, I understand.

You can Download SoundWire Pro HERE.
Go HERE for the Free Version.

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