Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 x86

Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 x86
Name :- Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 2015
Architecture :-32bit
Size:- 2.33gb
Language :- English
Activation:- OEM Activation
Updates:- Included all new updates of August 2015
Author :- Team OS
Added/Removed:- Nothing , its a whole iso with all new Updates of August.

* Including Microsoft updates til 11.08.2015 and Internet Explorer 11
* NO tweaks or add-ons.
* NO additional programs and software added.
* NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
* It's the original image from Microsoft except added updates and IE11!

File: Win_7_ Ultimate_ Sp1_ En-Us_ Aug_ 2015_ x86.iso
CRC-32: 0226ccec
MD4: 82edb72415b02695f636d2630b7da1b0
MD5: a22649d00683109f091f6188c1d6c6f8
SHA-1: c10bde7a8bf96890d318b8917bcefbe993844e37